Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Goji Juice, Goji Berries Random Thoughts on Business Opportunities and Life

Not everyone is cut out to drink goji juice. Face it some people for whatever reason just don’t recognize a good thing when they see it. I see plenty of people drinking and enjoying himalayan goji juice on a regular basis. It's more than a fad, the exposures of the goji berry in Time Magazine, and ABC News and NBC Today show and other magazine and newspaper articles proves that it's here to stay. Even so some people are still skeptical, they might say it’s too expensive or I’d rather not pay the cost. It took me many years to realize everything comes with a cost. Some costs are hidden others are out in the open.

These or other people may also complain about a lack of opportunity to get ahead in America these days. While opportunity may not be overly abundant to their satisfaction it mainly points to short sidedness on their part.

Opportunity is a relative term. If you wanted to be President of the United States then you’re right. There is very little opportunity for you in this area. However, in terms of overall opportunity never in the history of man in any country anywhere has there been more opportunity for someone to achieve success.

The internet is a perfect example – anyone can go buy a domain for $10 get themselves some very inexpensive web-hosting – create a web business with some sweat equity. Then in a couple years for literally chump change compared to a McDonalds franchise for example build a business which generates a strong 6-figure a year income. I’ll go so far as to say the opportunity created by the internet for those willing to make the sacrifice to learn can be far more lucrative than a traditional college education.

So by now you’re thinking what does all this have to do with some people drinking goji juice and others not drinking it. The answer is both nothing and everything. It’s all about perspective and about what we value.

Some people may have a hard time swallowing this statement but here goes. –Some peoples values are simply better than others. Now I’m not talking about matters of individual taste but matters of principals.

For example those who prefer NASCAR are no better or worse than those who’d rather watch football.

However, those who value life and honesty and respecting others have better values than those who don’t value these things. For these are core values – football, NASCAR are simply matters of individual taste although certain fans might argue that. Sooo those who value their own health and wellbeing are making better value decisions than those that don’t.

I would encourage everyone to evaluate their decisions daily – every decision makes you either healthier or unhealthier, richer or poorer, closer to reaching your goal or further away. It can be no other way.

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