Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum) Juice contains Antioxidants 19 amino acids polysaccharides

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Himalayan Goji Juice - What it Contains!

Goji Ramblings – Why Copy Cat Products Don’t Produce the Same Results!

Whenever a great product comes along, naturally copycats try to get in on the good thing.

In some cases they might produce a comparable or even better product. This is not the case with Goji Juice.

All brands certainly aren't equal and thus don't produce the same results. Freelife brought this Himalayan Goji Juice product to the market. He is the developer and researcher of this product over the past 10 years.

Goji Fact - There are many varieties of goji -over 41 species growing in Tibet alone!

The many dozens of varieties of goji were analyzed to find the one true goji, the one that had been discovered by Himalayan healers, and which had been praised in legend.

What does this mean? Well it means anyone could make a juice from any of the other 40 lesser varieties of Goji and call it Goji Juice.

What makes the true Goji Juice of legend so valuable are the polysaccharides, in perfect balance. Dozens of published scientific studies have confirmed that these polysaccharides are the most important bioactive components, and are responsible for much of the benefit of the goji berry.

These polysaccharides are thus much more valuable then all the other numerous antioxidants, and 19 amino acids, and 21 trace minerals, and important vitamins and the other nutrients goji contains.

So the polysaccharides content is the most important factor with the goji berry and juice.

These 4 polysaccharides are unique to goji, but can vary in quality depending on the ancestry of the plant and the growing conditions for a particular region in a particular year. You always want to look for a products that has the same high potency polysaccharides in exact balance to receive the very best himalayan goji juice.

Of course as we mentioned the problem that research showed that not all goji berries are created equal. In other words a number of various factors like soil conditions, rainfall, sunlight, etc could make a big difference in the amount and balance of these valuable polysaccharides. Thus in order to have a product with consistent results you must have a method to insure thie polysaccharides are present and in the right amounts. One company developed a Spectral Signature which is used in a sense to fingerprint the best berries.

So look for a product that ises those goji berries that conform to the precise Spectral Signature fingerprint and balanced polysaccharide profile of the original Lycium barbarum (goji) of the Himalayas.

This is exactly the reason why Goji Juice produces all those amazing testimonies on a daily basis.

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Himalayan Goji Juice

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blog Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum) Juice contains Antioxidants 19 amino acids polysaccharides

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Amazing Himalayan Goji Juice

Amazing Himalayan Goji Juice

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Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum) Juice contains Antioxidants 19 amino acids polysaccharides